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Question About Whether I Need To Send A Transcript?

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Hi Everyone,


I'm a Canadian who attended post-secondary school in the US. I have a question regarding continuing eduction units. Basically for one of my internships we were awarded continuing eduction units from an adult education college and they count as non-credit study (see info below, I copy and pasted from the school). I need advice as to whether a letter of registration from the school is required? Since this is not really a formal course and only used for career purposes. Thank you! 


Continuing Education Units (CEU) provide a cumulative record of noncredit study at the post-secondary level. They are useful where employers, relicensure agencies and other authorities require a specified number of hours of instruction for career advancement purposes, and where noncredit study is acceptable.

How CEUs are Awarded
  • One CEU is awarded for 10 contact hours of participation.
  • Fewer than 10 hours are shown as fractional CEUs. For example, an eight-hour conference earns .8 CEU. A three-day short course with eight hours of instruction per day, totaling 24 hours, earns 2.4 CEUs.
  • Credit earned in UCR Extension X300 and X400 series courses (professional credit courses), with a beginning date on or after June 1, 1974, is convertible to Continuing Education Units on the basis of one CEU for each quarter unit of credit earned. A notation to this effect is carried on UCR Extension transcripts.

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