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Online Flashcards - For Group Studying?

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Does anybody know of a decent online flashcard platform that can be used for group studying? I;m looking for a program that can be used such that multiple students can contribute to a single deck of cards, and the cards would be available for everyone to use for studying. It would be necessary for the deck to be updated in real time as soon as a person adds a new card so that everything is synced. Does such a program exist?


I really like Anki but I don't think you can use it to do sharing like this, where each student contributes say 5 cards, so with 10 people, there would be a total of 50 cards. I think Anki only allows you to share your own deck with others, which is not what I want - I want to create a deck with others and have it be available for us all to study.


If anyone knows of such a program please post - I just thought it would be handy for rote memorization courses like Pharmacology (and it's too time consuming to be making them all myself).





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