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Changing A Course To Pass/fail For Gpa?

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Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying the holidays/winter break so far.


I'm in my 4th year, sitting on my hands in anticipation of interview season.


I just got marks back for fall term, with 4 marks over 90, and one course that I got a 77 in. I'm kinda upset because no matter how much work I put into that one course, nothing good came of it (should have dropped it earlier on, but my classmates and I only realized the problem after it was too late). I'm considering trying to change this one irksome grade to a pass/fail, but I'm not sure of the implications of such.


I know Ottawa allows 1 pass/fail credit per semester, and UofT will simply take it out of the wGPA calculation just as if it was still a 77. Does anyone know how the other Canadian med schools view pass/fails? If you have specific knowledge on any of the schools' policies, that would be super duper helpful. I'm asking this because most of the schools don't seem to have specific info on this.


Maybe I should also email the adcoms... :^)

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I'm pretty sure for most schools it does not matter. I am in a similar situation where one of my biology courses for first year was changed into a pass or fail because I was suffering severely from a mental health issue (still getting help with it now).


I finished my first year with a 3.73 GPA, Second year 3.91 GPA and now in my Third year (first semester), I have a 4.0 GPA. I was told by another user one pass/fail isn't a huge concern, and have recently phoned nearly all individual schools and have said they do not frown up on it; however, there are limitations (as in Ottawa) and as you mentioned UofT will count it automatically as part of their top 6 lowest grades.


I do not think you have much to worry about it with that regard. I think the challenge will be changing the course into a P/F. Usually it's done under very strict recommendations (as in my situation) where I maintained very close contact with my academic advisors and affiliated program dean, and had the appropriate professional documentations outlining my illness from a long period of time. 

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Most universities will allow a maximum number of pass/fail credits per year. They count it as one of your courses for full-course load, but they don't count the grade towards your GPA. I personally have used it because I would prefer for it not to interfere with my GPA for other purposes (such as applying for CGS-Ms for grad school and graduation awards).


I agree with the above when it comes to changing the course to P/F. At my institute, there was a deadline where we can no longer change the course to P/F. Since you already got your final grade, it may be too late. But you can always appeal to your registrar and see what they can do.

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