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On 5/9/2018 at 10:04 PM, Confluence said:

How do U of C students find the campus?

From what I remember the U of C med school is near the Foothills hospital which is a separate campus away from the main U of C campus.

I would much prefer attending a medical school that is on a main campus so that it would be easier to meet people outside of medicine and it wouldn't be a matter of going out of one's way to attend events on the main campus. That being said, having a campus not associated with the rest of the university means it is a cleaner and less crowded facility, the 2 lounges for students are quite accessible and not packed all the time, same for the library at foothills. Libin theatre is kind of chilly, so bring a sweater.

There is a Kinetix gym that seems reasonable in terms of price (how busy does it tend to be/does it have a good selection of equipment?).

There are two gyms at foothills. I never attended Kinetix but they have given free trials at times. I also have never worked out at "The Dungeon" which is a room in a basement that has some barebones workout equipment, located below the main floor at foothills.

How far are the main grocery stores from the Foothills campus/from where people who live close to the med school are at?

From what I could google everything seems ~15 minutes away by car in terms of grocery stores.

I don't live just off of the foothills campus so I don't have much more insight other than Market Mall is a 10-15 min drive away and North Hill mall (safeway there) is about just as far in the other direction from foothills.

IIRC lectures are optional and recorded (just audio or including video?) and how do you find what appears to be many full days 8:30 am - 5:30 pm in class (I took a look at the class of 2019 first year schedule)? Is there a decent mix of lecture/small group/clinical activities on those long days that you don't feel super bored/tired/drained or is it as exhausting as I think it is?

The first few months are fairly mandatory for attendance of things and full of half days. Afterwards most lectures are optional, though patient presentations are mandatory and you can only miss 10% of small groups per course for no reason and must have an excused absence otherwise. Med school is very draining and the start is quite overwhelming as you are adjusting to a new professional role, social group and academic environment. 

Any advice on finding a place to live near the medical school campus for someone OOP (Ontario) as well as buying a car and insurance/LOC?

Lots of people use TD Meloche Monnex for insurance as you get a discount through the Alberta Medical Association with them and you may be eligible for further alumni discounts with them as well. If you want to lease a car in AB I think you have to be an AB resident, if you want to purchase it doesn't matter. Winter tires are necessary and I wouldn't worry about a block heater unless you are leaving your car parked outside overnight all of the time. AWD is not a bad idea and whether you buy used or new is really up to you. You don't have to make your first tuition payment until September of the year you start even though school begins in July. You can wait until they have a fair where they bring all of the LOC advisor reps from different banks you can talk to as well as hand out a lot of free swag. People find accommodations through the facebook group for the incoming class or the rentfaster website. 

I also have an OSAP loan that has begun accumulating interest since I will be graduating next month and need to call OSAP and figure this out, but I was wondering if any U of C students have experience with when OSAP typically is available to apply for, when it usually comes through and when tuition payments are due. With the July start date it is kind of concerning as OSAP isn't even available to apply to right now.

Click on the medical school costs and student loans tabs: https://www.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/financial-aid#quickset-field_collection_quicktabs_1


Overall, go to the school where you'll have the best social support network, where you are happy to live and see yourself potentially doing residency and practicing and if you have the choice, go to a 4 year school where you do your core rotations before electives. Do your best to be proactive about maintaining your well-being before starting medical school and do your best to stick to it as you go through the process.

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