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Information For Those With Eu Citizenship Considering Irish Medical Schools

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To be fair though, the international seats and domestic seats have different implications behind them.  It gets murky now considering some of those in the international seats, also have EU citizenship...so i can see where you are coming from for sure. It is a odd predicament, that one citizen is slightly less than the other. But that the one with citizenship but living abroad gets essentially excluded from applying to the domestic spots, even if they wanted to, because of where they did high school...


Confusing stuff

You're not technically living abroad.  After 3 months of medical school, if you're EEA, you're a resident of Ireland.  After 5 years you can apply for citizenship even if you were just in college (that time doesn't count for non-EEA citizens). The other issue is that Internship is an integral part of medical training in Ireland.  You can't join a medical register in another country without it.  They're essentially blocking you from finishing your training.  If they wanted to do that they should have made you contract into it when you started.  Changing the rules halfway through the game is the dubious part.


Anyway, the easy solution here is to do the Foundation years in the UK; you'd still be competing competitively for those spots.


The other low effort thing to do would be to send a letter to your TD and the Minister for health; the government did just change after all.

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Hi all, I know this thread is aging, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm - is an Atlantic bridge student with EU Citizenship eligible to complete intern year/residency in the uk without being descriminated against as a ‘second tier’ EU citizen? Not sure how brexit could effect this either..

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