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i wanted to do a second degree in the bachelor of science in kinesiology, but after seeing what classes I have left to complete after all of the transferred credit it seems daunting. I really can't mess up my GPA in the next 2 years and have to keep it as close to perfect as I can. These are the classes i have left below. Any input would be appreciated as I'm really stressed about this decision.. Mostly I'm concerned about how I have to take them crammed into 2 years. For all of you who have done the kinesiology degree or are currently in it and have done these courses, how are they? Will it be difficult to balance these classes? Any input from other kinesiology programs not at the U of A would help me out so much!


Year 1 

1. PEDS 100 

2. PEDS 101 

3. PEDS 103

4. PERLS 104

5. PERLS 105


1. HE ED 220

2. HE ED 221

3. PEDS 200

4. PEDS 203

5. PEDS 209


Year 2

1. PEDS 240

2. PERLS 207x 

3. PEDS 303 or HE ED 321

4. PEDS 306

5. PEDS 311


1. PEDS 334

2. PEDS 335 

3. PEDS 401

4. 9/15 Professional Practicum 

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I'm not in kines, but I had a friend who graduated last year, and I remember asking her about her first couple years because another friend was interested in the program. So, I'll add what I remember form those, but I don't think I'll be of much help for the 2nd year you have listed.


PEDS 100, 101 and 103 are anatomy and physiology (as I'm sure you know), and should all go together very well. Although they aren't hard courses, per se, they take up time. But, you should be at an advantage since they do go together in a sense. One thing I'm not sure you're aware of, PEDS 103 requires 101. You may have spoken to them about a waiver, but I wanted to make sure you're aware. PEDS 200, 203 and 209 shouldn't be too bad, but, some people struggle with "research" courses (209), so that's dependent on you. From what I've heard the perls classes are quite easy (although, tread carefully on "GPA boosters"). 


Sadly, I don't remember much about the HE ED courses, and as I said I can't say much for your second year. I don't think your first year will be a problem in all honesty. If you have a "harder year", I'd definitely say it'l be your second. Hopefully this kind of helps until someone with first hand experience can chime in.

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