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I'm wondering how they chose cutoffs for the new MCAT. Seeing several 125 CARS scores is a bit weird considering they've had an unofficial hard cutoff of 10 VR for a while now. I wonder if this will be stable in the future.

Not what I was expecting either, but to be honest I don't expect a lot of changes for next year. It's always seemed like Queen's is a little bit more flexible in terms of academics, as in they will interview someone if they feel that person will make a good student at their school even if there's been a rough year in their GPA. 


I just say that, because it's different than say, Western, where they give interview solely based on meeting the cutoffs or not. It's just one of so many factors in the black box that is Queen's admissions it seems. And I think the website says they have always been flexible with individual MCAT sections for grad applicants 


Hahah not that we'd ever really know either way.....

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