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Ours is on the left strap, and it's fortunately correct for Mac students (mine says 2018 since I'm at Mac whereas most people who got a purple one would be 2019s.)


Thanks, Birdy! You already answered my follow up question. 


I can't wait to get mine

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Not sure how being iffy about wearing a backpack makes me not proud of becoming a doctor.


It just appears that medical school students keep going great lengths to try to differentiates themselves from everyone else in the university. That's certainly the impression a lot of people have anyways.



I'm sorry that I appear pretentious because I'm iffy about wearing apparel that tries its hardest to differentiate the wearer from everyone else.

It doesn't make you "not proud of becoming a doctor," but calling people who wear the backpacks pretentious is not accurate either...


Honestly, I don't understand why this sentiment keeps coming up! It is a bag, really, I don't see it as being some sort of status symbol--its more similar to how people place a sticker of the flag from their home country on their bumper.


And ANYWAYS, what is wrong with being proud of your faculty/chosen profession? Lots of people around my university in nursing, engineering, business, science and arts wear their faculty hoodies around, and never seem to get any negativity from others for it, even though they are visually "showing off". I think there is a very distinct difference between being proud of your faculty/accomplishments and being arrogant/pretentious. 


I think it is almost more pretentious that people find it annoying when med students wear faculty clothing, but not annoying when students from other faculties do--as if med students need to be more humble because they somehow have more to be proud of. Doesn't make sense to me that a nursing student wearing a hoodie is normal but med students doing it is suddenly pretentious.


If you are constantly making a show that you're better than others, than that is a different story, and can apply to students from any faculty.

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