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what are the course requirements to get into university of Ottawa medical school exactly, I am a first year going into engineering as a premed route because i want a solid degree to fall back on if i dont get in. So making my timetable i want to know exactly what i need ? On their website they say 


four specific prerequisite courses:

1. one full year course (or two semester courses) in General Biology including laboratory session;

2. one full year course in Humanities or Social Sciences (or two semester courses in separate disciplines;

3. and 4. the equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session." 


a) firstly what is the difference between a full year course or two semester course? 

B) from the looks of this i need 1 biology, 1 Humanities, 1 biochemistry without lab, 1 general chemistry with lab, and 1 organic chemistry with lab.


     So in in total it comes to 5 courses i need to fit in my schedule?


c) Can i take any of these in the summer ?

d) what level of classes do i need to take like for the biology credit can i just take biology I first year and that will fulfill that requirement


Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated     


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a) the difference is just how some school organise courses. Ie school A might do one course that lasts a full year for bio. Whereas school B might do two courses that together last the full year. Its just logistics.

Also remember that you can mix and match courses for the third requirement(ie you could take 2 half chems, a half orgo and a half biochem,)


C)i beleive you can take them in the summer. Yhey just wont count to the gpa ottawa uses.


D) for the sciences courses, they are usually intro courses(1st or 2nd year courses depending on the school). For humanities/soc sci i beleive any year works (i used third year courses and was accepted)

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6 hours ago, medhopeful7748 said:

For the option for talking 2 chem, 1 orgo and then 1 biochem. I included a biochemistry course that did have a lab component. Is that still okay and will be passable as a prerequisite? 

Same boat here. I think it's fine, if anything they'd like that it has a lab lol.

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