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Anyone Write On June 18? Please Share Your Experience.

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For those who wrote the MCAT on June 18, what are your thoughts? Did you feel that you performed above, on, or below your expectation? Was time an issue for you? What prep did you use for each section and did you find it adequate?


I wrote only CARS and it went as I expected for the most part except I ended up with 20-30 seconds to answer to last two questions. I read the questions and made very rough guesses based on my first instincts. So while they were not completely random guesses, they lacked analysis and critical thinking. I used official AAMC practice exam, CARS Q-pack vol. 1 and 2, and OG questions.


And as a side note - the first three passages were easy but then the difficulty went up considerably on passages 4-5. It was hard to decipher these passages and they each took away more than 10 min. I don't know if everyone who writes on a particular date gets the exact same questions but if that's true, I'm also interested in hearing what you thought of the CARS passages you encountered.


- medway12

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