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Hobbies On The Abs

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Hey guys!


Have you been listing non-formal hobbies under "other" or "extracurricular"? I assumed that was what the "other" section was for, but then I saw that there are no details/verifiers required for anything written under the "other" section (at least that's how it appears to me?). Can anyone else clarify/confirm this?



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There is no 'right' way to classify (most) things on OMSAS, it's intentionally vague from what I gathered. What you consider a 'hobby' will vary from others, so it could fall under either. It's essentially a judgement call where you think it fits best, so make the decision that you think best demonstrates the activity. I went against what some say and didn't really include any unstructured hobbies so I felt mine fit best under extra-cirricular, but it seems some people put things like jogging, reading, or writing, etc. on the app so they might have classified those otherwise. 


I wouldn't stress over little things like classifications, just focus on the descriptions the most

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