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I just went on the Dal website to double check the date that my MCAT scores were received, and its bringing me to their page to start a new application and 'select an application type'.. Is anyone else having the same issue? Can anyone double check theirs to see if they can view their application status?  

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Yep, mine said received the day immediately after I released my scores (back in August).

Then they must have picked my better score because that is the date reflected in the "Note" column rather than the original MCAT date I put in my application.

Probably just a case of when the system refreshed to get new MCAT scores after a score release date (Score release was Sept 20, mine has a date of Sept 22).

Dollars to donuts that it changes tomorrow after the release of scores from the last eligible date in case folks re-wrote at the 11th hour.

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