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Interview? Alberta Resident

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Overall GPA: 3.8

MCAT: 509 CARS 126 ( :(

I think my top 10 is really strong. Includes: research, lab volunteering, travelling, camp instructor 


Is there a chance I can get an interview? I feel like my CARS may not be high enough (I'm basing this off of my knowledge of Ontario schools though) 


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I am going to add my question to this post as well as it is quite similar.......


I have an engineering background, graduated from UofC four years ago, GPA around 3.4 (not so great), have 4 years of professional working experience, registered as a Professional Engineer with the provincial association, completed an internship, two international exchange programs, currently volunteering at the hospital. I am still preparing for MCAT, assume I get average scores.


With these stats, do you think it is worth applying to UofC? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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