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I Am Retaking Mcat Due To Low Score - Help And Tips Needed

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Hey guys,


I really need some help/tips/advice. Ok so, I wrote the MCAT this September, and I did pretty bad. Now with the sciences, I think I can prepare that on my own, but I really need help with the CARS section.


My situation:

I got 125 in the CARS section. I will be writing the MCAT again in August of next year. I have 1 year essentially, (I am also doing university this year, full-time; but I will also have the 4 months of summer to essentially work on the MCAT).


How should I practice/prepare for the CARS, to make it 128+? Should I be reading a lot? What should I read? Should I do practice passages every day?


I am usually getting like 1-2 wrong per passage; I am not sure how to clear/cross the threshold to start getting 0-1 wrong per passage. Even if I have the best passage and I feel really good on it, I will always have at least 1 wrong. Did you guys have that? How did you guys fix it?


Thanks again for your guidance,

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Cambridge Learning Center has a series of YouTube videos focusing on the verbal section that I found helpful! I only looked at them and used their reading techniques like less than a week before the exam and got a 128...I would suggest looking at those before you start your MCAT studying and not do what I did haha

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