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Canadian Citizen/ Us Medical Student/ Possible Us Residency?/ Training Back In Canada?

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Hi all,


I am a Canadian citizen. I am currently a first year US medical student who has been weighing his options. I might change my mind but I've always wanted to be a family physician as well as an ER physician. If I am unable to match in Canada during Carms, ill just have to stay in the states and do my residency there. In the US, family medicine is 3 years and I was thinking after that I would do a 1 year fellowship in ER ( 4 years total) or I could do a joint program of 5 years which combines family medicine and emergency medicine. I was wondering if I did the 3 + 1 or the 5 year joint residency in family medicine and ER in the states, would I face any obstacles in regards to being able to sit to write exams for family or ER or both specialties if I wanted to be licensed in Canada and practice? Any insight is much appreciated



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