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Kinesiology Mcgill

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Hey guys, I was looking into applying to the B. Sc. Kin at Mcgill.


People who have done this program, how is the course load, how is it compared to other science programs and what was your cegep r-score that got you in?



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I'm in this program but i'm not from Quebec so I don't have an R-score.


Most Kin courses are EASY B+ and A- but you do need to work quite a bit (perhaps as hard as other science programs) to get an A.

So I guess in terms of workload, it could range from very little to quite as much as other science programs, depending on your goal (ie. if you want to get an A).



The material is much less dense and easy to learn (I have taken quite a few science courses so I think I'd be the most qualified person to talk about this). I personally think if med is your goal, kin is probably your best option to get a good GPA while maintaining your ECs. 


You only asked about workload so I only commented on that. If you have any other questions, I'd be willing to answer/elaborate. 

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