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Hello, I'm currently in the process for applying for Optometry school. I'm writing my OAT in about 2 months, but in the mean time I also applied for Optometry school in the UK. So far I have received offers from Cardiff University and Manchester University.


I am wondering if anyone has any experience,

or know of somebody who has gone through optometry school in the UK and come back to Canada to practice..


Is it harder to find work if you have a UK optometry degree? Is it easy to come back through IOBP and FORAC? Is the salary different than north American graduates?


Any information is helpful!

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If you are Canadian and would like to practice optometry in Canada I would not recommend going to Optometry School in the UK:

1) Overall cost of tuition will be high

2) You would need to apply to the IOBP afterwards

3) Board exam pass rates for students trained outside of North America are much poorer compared to those who attended North American schools (if you don't pass you can't work and you would need to wait to retake it)


I feel like it wouldn't be more difficult to find work assuming you are licensed. IOBP takes money and time. I don't think the salary would be much different because once licensed you would be able to work at any optometrist office anyone else would.


I would highly recommend that you try to go to Optometry School in Canada before you try other options. If Waterloo or Montreal are unrealistic for you due to grades or OAT score then I would look into US schools. US schools would obviously be expensive as well but you wouldn't have to go through IOBP and you would be better prepared to pass boards. 

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