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Mcgill Dmd Interview Invites/regrets 2017

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Can I ask what your stats are? 


McGill cGPA: 3.82 IP.

Degree: Biochem

Presently doing graduate degree and help run family business.

EC: Run of the mills, volunteer for 6 years with my local community center. A couple of researches in the summer. Most of my EC are paid jobs though.

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I still have my status "ready for review". I applied as a non traditional. I guess it means I got rejected? Anybody knows?

No it doesn't mean you're rejected !! As you can see on this page the target date to send the invites for the interview for NTP is later than for the other cohorts ;)   :



Important Dates

The following dates are for the Fall 2017 entry and are subject to change without notice. There is no winter or summer entry.

  • Application deadline:  November 1, 2016
  • Submission deadline: November 1, 2016
  • Target date for sending preliminary selections: April 3, 2017
  • Interview dates: April 19-21, 2017

Related ► For more important dates, see http://www.mcgill.ca/importantdates/

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Hi Everyone,


I am curious about McGill Dent MMI interview. Could someone who have previous experience with McGill MMI dent explain to me how it is. It is my assumption that Dent interview is the same as Med interview. I noticed that they share the same date and many people receive invitation to both schools. I am asking so that I can better prep for the process. As you may have noticed, the vast majority of available resources are for Med applicants and very few for Dent applicant.


Thanks in advance

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 It is my assumption that Dent interview is the same as Med interview. 

I can confirm it is the same because I received this by email : 


Because the non-cognitive and humanistic skills required of dentists are the same as those required of physicians, students who have applied to both the DMD program and the MDCM program at McGill will only need to go through one MMI circuit for both applications. Students who have applied to both programs will obtain a score for their MMI that will be used independently by the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine to rank their candidates and make their admission offers. The joint MMI for candidates applying to both programs will not penalize candidates. Candidates will not be asked to rank the programs.


We emphasize that the selection processes for both the DMD and MDCM programs remain completely separate of each other, with separate selection committees and weightings for the different selection tools used (such as the MMI).  

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Invite IP

McGill cGPA: 3.63 
Degree: M.Sc. 
ECs: 1 publication 1st author, 2 publications as co-author, scholarships for undergrad and master, good amount of experience as dental assistant and volunteer in dental offices (not much though).


Super nervous and excited for the MMI :mellow:

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