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Hey, I'm a secondary 3 student at a French school in Quebec, and medicine is the career that i'm aiming for. This year for a science project I had the chance to shadow/talk with a willing doctor, since I did my project on ECMO I had the opportunity to, and I absolutely loved my time in the hospital, I would like to pursue medicine as a career now. However, it seems that it's impossible to get accepted these days, and i'm concerned about that, especially since the R score is going steadily up and the competition is getting harder every year, I guess I just wanted some advice from people who were once at my place. I get good grades, but nothing exceptional, I go to an IB school and got a 95% average last term, but my first term I only got a 93%, I tend to do well in classes with loads of theory (science/math) and do worse in the arts and gym. I do volunteer work that I enjoy, i'm part of a reading circle, I've been involved in some youth politics, I dance and i've participated in a science fair, I'm not an exceptional student. I go to a really competitive high school and at least 5% of the student body wants to become a doctor, and it's pretty much the top 5% of the school, I just don't know what I should be aiming for (academically/extracurricular) in order to give me a good chance once I get to cégep. (My dream school is Mcgill) What advice do you guys have for me?


Thank you!

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Do you have the drive, focus, ambition, discipline, are you a hard worker? If so, you are on your way regardless of your h.s. grades.  :P The most important attribute - aside from humility - that you can bring from h.s. is a strong work ethic, b/c that what will take you along with long, long journey. And, the more you stumble and make mistakes, you more you will learn. I was a very good student in h.s., and a poor student in Cegep. I only began to bloom during undergrad - which led directly to acceptance into med school and now, I am a surgical resident. All it took, lol, was relentlessness in continuously working hard to the point of exhaustion, always remaining motivated and keeping my eye always on the goal. 

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