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Prerequisite and admissions questions

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I am considering applying to McGill next cycle (can't this cycle because I'm only going into 3rd year), and had some questions regarding the admissions process and prerequisites. 

1. Does McGill take into account the university you went to? I don't attend UofT, Western, or Mac, the "big" med churning schools.. will this put me at a disadvantage?

2. It says that if I have the whole set of "secondary" prerequisites (mammalian physiology, molecular cell bio, etc) they will use that for prereqGPA post-interview if higher. If I take all these courses, and achieve a 4.0, will they use this instead of the prereqs (chem, physics etc)?

3. Can I take prerequisite courses in the summer, granted that I maintain full courseloads during the regular academic semester?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these :) 

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1. No school preference is given. I went to a dinky school as did some of my colleagues.

2. My understanding is that the second set of prerequisites will be considerer only if the core prerequisites are completed and still valid.

3. Summer courses are okay but you may lose a few points on the academic profile aspect of your application if these are first year courses or you end up with a semester that is not full time. 

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