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Hey guys,

I'm just starting out in my first year med at Mac, and I've been struggling with anatomy a bit. I never took anatomy in undergrad so I have very little knowledge coming in. I'm finding it pretty hard to learn anatomy the way it is set up at mac with the self-directed labs, and a little over-whelming. So far, when I leave the lab, I always end with a feeling that all I did was read a bunch of weird structure names and point to them on the models. Nothing feels like it is sticking unless I were to just sit there and memorize all the fancy names, which also seems like a silly way to learn anatomy as I'm sure by clerkship I'd forget again.

Did anyone have a similar experience in the beginning with anatomy? I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how they found anatomy useful and the best way to learn it without having lectures provided by the school. I was thinking of ordering the Thieme atlas of anatomy and doing a lot of reading each week? Not too sure


Thanks :)

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With the disclaimer that I hated every second of anatomy and just wanted to get through it so I could forget it - I really found Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy to be a useful book, more so than my atlas. It really goes into clinical correlations and the drawings are useful. 

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