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2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION

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Came home from academic day and fell asleep. Woke up panicked thinking I was late for my clinical placement when I saw 9:00 on the clock. Might be a bit on edge. 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. It’s only a day away...

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3 minutes ago, dassy said:

Definitely played this on replay before my MCAT results came out. Guess I should continue tradition tomorrow. 

It's about 10 years now from when I discovered this forum...times flies by...Good luck everyone.

Ha appropriate :)

(amazing how many of these have space themes - for me on my medical school acceptance day by pure chance space oddity was playing on the radio at work when I was checking for my results)

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2 minutes ago, Birdy said:

This is going to be a very long hour and twenty four minutes. 

ha - hang there :)

Anyone that has gone through this remembers the pain and suffering of waiting until the end. They fixed this but in our year the system even crashed so we didn't find out until 2 or 3. 

One hour and 20 minutes - see you are already 5% closer.

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