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Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018

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1 minute ago, Phosphorelay said:

Second week of May will be worse haha

this is my first interview so i kinda love the idea that i wont know what ill be doing next september until may, makes me feel like im really in the running and can actually accomplish this if that makes sense.. lol

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1 minute ago, Canadian_Med_Dream said:

While we all are stressin' and sweatin', I was thinkin' - do we choose an interview date right when we get an invite? Or do we do that at a later time? 

Right when you get the invite.

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Not an invite unfortunately. Just wanted to post my stats from Monday to see if anyone has any advice/suggestions:

Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets
Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
AGPA (if applicable): 85.25
MCAT: 516 (130/125/131/130)
ECs: 12-month coop in clinical research (full-time), residence advisor, some research/lab work, hospital volunteering, academic coaching, leadership in university orientations, conference planning, volunteering each summer at a local park (since HS), several small volunteering commitments
Current Degree: BSc Life Sciences (graduating in May)
Geography: IP
NAQ: 20.28
AQ: 22.92

TFR: 43.20

This is my first time applying, so I didn't really know what to expect. I knew my AQ would hurt me a bit, but I was more surprised by my low NAQ score. After seeing how talented and accomplished all of you are though, I don't feel quite as bad! It's hard to say whether the NAQ score is due to adjustments in evaluation criteria, competitiveness, wording, or simply needing to gain more experience. Hopefully the Ontario schools will be more sympathetic, but I'm open to having a gap year if that's what ends up happening.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts. Congrats to all of you receiving invites today! You've earned it!

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