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bearded frog

MCCQE Part 2 Preparation

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So if you go back a few pages in this forum you will find a number of threads asking how to prepare for the part 2 test, without much consensus. Anyone who has had success recently can recommend some textbooks or other resources? Or general advice for this exam? Thanks!

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1. Ask senior residents for the MCC "resource sheets/practice questions" they used

2. Use whatever resources you used to practice for MS4 OSCE

3. Podcast- Dr. Mike Kirlew LMCC prep is helpful but he goes into way too much detail IMO and its overly focused on critical care stations which only make up about 15-20% of the actual exam.  I just listened whenever I was driving for the month before the exam.

4. Others on here (including Dr. Kirlew on the podcast) will tell you to practice with partners over and over again.  If you are confident in your clinical skills this really isn't necessary.  I spent about one hour in total doing a few histories with a partner and nothing more.  The only benefit of it is to practice your timing.  The tricky stations are the ones where you have to do a hx and px, so you have to time the stations carefully (quite a few stations required a hx and px during my testing day).

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