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U of T Interview2018 Invite/Rejection

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2 hours ago, ME-DENTIST said:

Here you go :   UofT Admission statistics

  • Total number of applicants in 2015: 499
  • Applicants interviewed 2015: 180      projected in 2018:180
  • Class size 2017 : 96 students admitted each year  
  • Every year : A maximum of 8 spaces are offered for out-of-province applicants ( last year 7 out of province accepted)
  • Average grade/GPA of admitted applicants in last 3 years: 3.85

Sad news: for everyone here who got invitation; 1 will be accepted and 1 rejected. Do you have a back up plan? Good luck to all!

Alright calm it down negative Nancy. Let's take a look at the most recent stats:

TOTAL APPLICANT POOL: 569     Male: 264 Female: 305  Aboriginal:  3     Mean Grade Point Average: 3.71     Mean DAT Scores (0-30 range):  Academic Average  (AA): 21                                Perceptual Ability Test (PAT): 20

TOTAL OFFERS OF ADMISSION: 134     Male: 68  Female: 66

TOTAL REGISTERED STUDENTS: 96     Male: 47  Female: 49     Distribution by Province:  Ontario: 89  Other: 7      Level of University Education:   3 Years: 19  4 (or more) Years: 63 Master's: 14  Ph.D.: 0     Mean Grade Point Average: 3.93

 Mean Interview Score (0-35 range): 30    Mean DAT Scores:  Academic Average (AA): 22                     Perceptual Ability Test (PAT): 21 



134 offers of admission/ 180 total interviews= 74% chance of acceptance

3 in 4 will get in! That's a good ratio! Chances are if you start preparing now you'll get in! Goodluck to all!!!!

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On 1/12/2018 at 9:55 PM, DentHopeful2022 said:

Rejected. :(

GPA: 3.96

RC: 26

PAT: 22

AA: 24


I'm absolutely gutted. I don't know what life is anymore.... 


wow thats crazy!!! how it is possible to get rejected with these god like scores?

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