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MMI sample question help - dentistry

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hey everyone, im interested in what you guys (preferably those who have done well at the interview for uoft dentistry) would answer to this MMI question. I don't know the ethics of whats right or wrong here. help a brotha out thanks!


"Your neighbor has a five year old child who has many decayed teeth. The mother asks you for advice because she knows you volunteer for a dental professional and her child is in pain. The mother needs a dentist who will accept monthly payment for treatment.  You provide her with different options and coach her on how to seek dental care for a child. One week later you see the mother and ask if she was able to acquire care for the child. She says no. 

What do you do?"

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Literally winging not sure how to solve this, just a candidate. Interested in learning how but anyone correct me if I'm wrong and add ideas.

I would first figure out the reason why she didn't seek dental care for her child. Then suggest ways of addressing different reasons. Maybe her child's pain went away in the week that has gone and she decided it wasn't worth the cost to have her child seen. If this was the case I would reinforce the importance of having her child see the dentist because there could be some underlying harm that would need immediate attention. Mention there are time sensitive issues with tooth decay. If she delays treatment further, the decay may spread so that the child would need a more invasive and expensive treatment, such as a root canal, over cavity fillings. 

Another possible reason is that she can't afford treatment, which is why she may be looking for a dentist accepting monthly payment installations. This is unfortunate because dentists have a conflict between advocating for their patients and running their own business so there is not much a dentist can do about changing their costs besides delaying billing. This is where we mention any resources we can offer? like does she qualify for certain dental grants available through the government. Or if she has looked into purchasing health insurance plans. While reasserting the importance and time sensitive need for her child to see a dentist.

??? seems pretty bare anyone like to add

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This is just me: 

1) Ask if she would be comfortable sharing reasons as to why she hasn't looked for dental treatment for her child since dental health at a young age is important. 

2) Obviously if she's looking to seek monthly treatment then theres a possibility of financial problems and the dentist you volunteer for might not be able to help for free so give alternatives. Helpful things would be to ask what his/her oral health routine is? Does he/she like to eat sweets? Does he/she drink lots of OJ before brushing or before bed? etc etc. Advise her on things you actually know about. 

3) Assuming she has financial problems and will qualify, Canada actually has a program called Healthy Smiles. This is for people 18 and under who also come from families meeting the income requirements (ie under a certain amount). There's a good chance she doesn't know about this so point her in the right direction and hopefully with what you've done you've been able to help improve her childs oral health and made a positive impact. 

For a question like this, having outside info would benefit you a little since it sounds much better to list a concrete program/grant instead of more vague options however being able to suggest a government grant/ program would improve your answer anyways 

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