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faking an accent for the interview?

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18 hours ago, hellopeople said:

can I do this? is it ethically wrong

You want to be authentic, to be yourself and show whom you are. Faking anything is starting off on the wrong foot and is not helpful, certainly not in your interests. I would not do it if I considered myself a serious candidate. It is ethically wrong to fake anything related to the process of applying to medical school, deception and deceiving others is wrong.

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14 hours ago, SunAndMoon said:

no it is not in fact you should switch accents every station 

Level up and change the pitch of your voice with every accent change! Are you a 10 year old boy? A 50 year old woman? A man in his 20s? A young teenage girl? We'll never know! 

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I actually did this during my MMI. I never really spoke the language extensively before and it had been a couple years since I even spoke a word of it, so I didn't have an existing "accent". I decided to make-up a pretty strange accent to sound smarter haha, dropped the weird accent after school started. I guess it worked... But I probably wouldn't recommend it haha

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