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uOttawa interview preparation (french stream)

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Hello everyone,

I have received an invite for an interview in Ottawa. the problem is, my GPA is not very competitive, and to my knowledge, the selection criteria are based on an average of your GPA and interview performance 50/50. so due to my low gpa, i would have to perform perfectly in my interview to make sure I'm accepted this year (and it's highly important that I get in this year). so I need to have the most information possible (and corrections if my information above is wrong) regarding the selection process. and tips from applicants who made it or have been through the process. another thing i would really want to do is have information about private companies that provide panel interview training in French for Ottawa. so if anyone has any information please let me know.

thank you so much 

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Although you would think GPA and interview scores 50/50 is disadvantageous, the possible interview scores are set up in a way that a higher interview score will almost always trump a candidate that has a lower interview score with a higher GPA. I would suggest to focus on the interview and if you kill the interview, you shouldnt worry about GPA. If you are invited with that GPA it means it is competitive enough for interviews, I wouldn't worry.

The med students have interview prep days that are extremely helpful. See the other posts on the forum for that.

Otherwise, start preparing for the obvious personal questions. If you google med interview personal questions, I can almost guarantee you will get some at the panel interview. Be prepared where you can.

Otherwise, practice practice practice. 

Good luck

Mr Duck

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