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Ottawa if your OMSAS GPA is above the cutoff. Generally, if you're going to apply to one ON school, I would apply to all of the ones you would be willing to attend (except NOSM unless you live in a rural location) since its a centralized application. 

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If you're applying to UofT, Ottawa (cut off is 3.87 for OOP), and Queens (black box), might as well add McMaster (unless you don't like the PBL and 3-year program they have). You'd need to write Casper for Ottawa and McGill anyways and McMaster is just another checkbox (and extra $145 application fee). McMaster does have IP bias for interviews though (only 10% of interview spots go to OOP), but you have a decent GPA and CARS, so if you blow away the Casper you might have a chance.

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