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Tips specific to panel interview?

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Hi all, I've been fortunate enough to receive another medical school interview, but having only prepared for MMIs before, I'm not sure how to approach prep for a panel interview! Is there anything I should do differently? What should I expect from the panel? I'd love to hear any tips/info you may have :)

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From another thread:


OIC said:
Medical schools are interested in knowing about your journey, motivations and expectations for the future. Be prepared to give specific examples of instances in your life that demonstrate certain qualities which are considered desirable in a successful student and practicing physician. To prepare for this, I thought of examples from my life which highlighted things such as leadership, conflict resolution, adaptability etc. I wrote out the stories from my experiences which I felt best exemplified these traits and also those which I felt were particularly relevant experiences in working with others and being exposed to medicine. The purpose of writing them down was so that I myself would be freshly reminded of these instances and not at a loss for words ... while in the hot seat. I also asked my friends what they thought my weaknesses were and chose the ones that came up the most to focus on, this proved helpful.


Being aware with the fundamental principles of medical ethics (beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and autonomy) is really all you need when weighing and thinking through ethical dilemmas.


Also, relax. Keep composure....It is much better to pause and form your thoughts rather than talking in circles frantically.............remember that keeping composure is necessary .... and also is something they want to know you will be able to accomplish as a physician!

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