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I have 2 questions that I am hoping someone can help answer:

1) Does anyone know if they only look at the interview score post-interview or if they look at everything else as well (GPA, MCAT, etc) post interview? Queens only looks at interview at that point whereas UofC considers everything post interview with their pre-established formula. Anyone know how UofA does it?

2) Out of the 538 students invited for the interview, how many students are offered seats?
Thanks in advance!

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I'm also curious about your first question. Even if the exact breakdown isn't given I'd like to know if other components of the application count for anything. 

The admission and selection page of their website says they have 162 seats, of which 85% goes to Albertans. Hope that reflects the correct size of the entering class for this year. I'm guessing they interview about 4 applicants per available IP or OOP seat. There's also an additional 15 quota positions for rural/Aboriginal applicants. 


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