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11 minutes ago, ChemEngToMed said:

I'm in engineering at university of Alberta and plan to apply to medicine. I have a GPA of 3.6 and my MCAT score is 508 (126/126/127/129). It is tough to get a high gpa in engineering. I expected to do better on the mcat and will probably re write. Do you guys think I should rewrite mcat? Do you think I have a shot at u of a?

My extracurriculars include volunteering at a community centre, volunteering at the hospital, working as an engineering intern (I am in the coop program). I used to work as a lifeguard and I have volunteered abroad. I also played piano and sports including taekwondo. 

I am an Alberta resident
Please let me know what you think. Should I retake mcat? How can I improve my application?

I would encourage you to always try, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You will get feedback from the reviewers about where your application stands relative to the current cycle. Again, I encourage you to try. Seriously, you would at most lose money and time - and just so you're aware, its a VERY emotional process applying for Med and going through the motions. Regardless of where your application sits, (high GPA, high MCAT, high EC) applicants are constantly trying to be their best. It is not only so you can get in, it is so you can stay in and be the best in your field. I encourage to try retaking the MCAT (perhaps within reason) but make sure you're ready and be sure you will do better not worse. if you will do better, you lose nothing from retaking the MCAT. Also, it will definitely help with your GPA. I will encourage you to keep at it. Keep trying to make your application strong and your person, even stronger. Your character will develop if you go out of your comfort zone and endeavour to contribute to your community in a substantial way that is meaningful to you, if not passionate. You will write and reflect on those experiences better, much better than the average applicant would too.

Do you absolute best and apply. You need to be committed to the process. It refines you, makes you more mature, more committed and leaves you feeling like you've given it your all. If you haven't, you will know. In that case, keep at it. Thousands of applicants are constantly developing themselves, the bar keeps rising. So don't settle, keep at it. 


in short. Just apply. 

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I got an interview this year at the U of A (although not with Calgary) with a Nursing GPA of 3.7 and an MCAT of 502.

YOU CAN DO IT. You should definitely apply. This was the second time I took the MCAT and I actually did worse the second time. I initially had a 504. All you can do is strive to be the best version of yourself, work on projects that interest you, genuinely care about your community and hope for the best. Don't let other people's stats get you down. You got this.

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