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Mac the Marauder

MMI topic answer format/structure

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Looking for any tips on how to structure an MMI response. I really have no idea how to even begin preparing and I feel like having a general structure I can apply to most things will help immensely. 


Also any tips on how to best utilize the 2mins will be appreciated!

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I liked to start with something like, "it looks like there are two conflicting values at play here", or "there are three people who have a stake in this issue and all have a unique perspective that should be considered" for ethical stations. Non ethical stations I didn't really have a strategy and just did what felt natural in the moment. 

If I was really stuck for an approach, I would treat it like a high school 5 paragraph essay and try to come up with a 'paragraph' introduction to start my response that highlighted three bullet point issues to discuss during the station. 

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The approach I followed was:

1. Summarize situation (interviewer can correct you here if your summary is inaccurate)

2. Name key issues (i.e., obligations, ethical principles, relationships at stake) OR name the perspectives you'll be exploring

3. Gather more information / consider why an actor might be behaving in a certain way / why is the current situation the way it is? Who else is involved and how are they affected?

4. Courses of action i.e., do something without question, refuse to do anything, middle ground. Explore why each one is good or bad.

5. Firmly pick a course of action. Your reasoning for why you picked it should be clear by this point. Stand your ground when challenged.

6. Make your course of action more sustainable/forward-looking. Don't only think about how it affects the patient in the situation, for example, but how can you prevent this situation from arising again. What resources could you use to do so? Should new policies be implemented? etc. 

THAT SAID, sometimes interviewers will interrupt you and so you won't be able to stick to this structure. Also, depending on the question, sometimes the structure doesn't seem natural. However, you should always try to summarize, explore multiple perspectives, and state what you would do in a given situation and why.

With respect to the two minutes, I read the prompt twice and thought about key actors or perspectives. To be honest I could have been more productive with those two minutes because I wasted at least 30 sec - 1 min stressing about the prompt and staring blankly at it. I never had a fully formed answer going in so much of what I said was due to thinking on the spot, but I almost always had an opinion about what course of action I would take. 

This approach was successful enough since I got into the school where I had my first and only MMI as an OOP.

Practice with friends, family, and strangers. Record yourself or practice in front of a mirror. Aim to have your answer finish by the 5 min. mark because that allows time for follow-ups where you can add further depth to your initial response. Follow-ups can also set you back on track if you went off on a tangent. Don't be afraid of awkward silences. 

I second the thread quoted above! Great resource. 


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