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Does Vanier's Honours Science Program affect R score ?

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Hi everyone,

I am 16 (sec 5) and I am currently going to the International School of Laval (ÉÉIL). I think I have really good grades, since my current average is ~95, and I know that I will be able to put even more effort once I'll be in cégep. I'm having a dilemma right now: I applied to Vanier college and got accepted, but they also invited me in their Honours program. I am interested because I like science and I'm not afraid to study a lot at all, but I've talked to many people who told me that I shouldn't go if I am aiming for Med-P. It apparently lowers R score because the average is so high that it is harder to stand out. I know that some cégeps like Dawson overcome this problem by comparing Honours students to the whole Science program body by calculating a general average, but I think it doesn't work like that in Vanier. 

There's something else I want to precise: even if I'm not that bad in English, I'm still francophone and I'm still better in French (let's not forget that I'm coming from a French high school). I chose Vanier because it is an opportunity for me to improve my English and to stand out more if I ever get to the McGill interview. I know I will be able to adapt and perform, but it is already a supplementary difficulty that could possibly lower my R score compared to native English-speakers, and I don't know if adding to that the Honours program (not in terms of difficulty or workload (not scared at all about that), but in terms of R score if it actually affects it) would be very problematic.

Some people are saying R score doesn't change much in Honours, others told me it actually can lower it a lot. I know I am a strong student but I'm scared of making the wrong choice. Advice would be appreciated.


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