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Help, should I try to apply for dental school? What are my chances?

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hi guys, was wondering what my chances are of getting into any dental schools in the states with my current gpa and what schools i should apply to.

So i graduated from a Canadian university with an average of ~70% (i know it's low ): ). I am currently finishing a dental hygiene program and was wondering if that would help me with my dental application (would dental schools look at that??). I am also doing two extra fourth year level undergrad science courses (getting an 80+ right now). I have some dental experiences and I will be doing my DAT by the end of the year. What are my chances of getting admitted to any american or even australian dental schools? thanks guys! (would help a lot if you can list some schools)

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You definitely have a chance at American schools ; the average is usually around a 3.5 . If you have your DH and a bunch of extracurriculars and a strong DAT I think youd be a strong applicant. :) If you are canadian though, you have to look up the schools that accept canadians, and not all accept the Canadian DAT (I think). America tends to be much more holistic with the application review so your upward trend should be good. 

Good luck! 

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I think even with Canadian schools, have you thought about doing a masters program instead of 2 years of undergraduate courses? Most masters programs need a minimum 70% average in Canada to get accepted and take about 2 years to complete. A Masters would definitely look great on an application with strong DAT scores!

Also I know that Australian schools have an agreement with the CDA whereby you are legally allowed to practice in Canada after finishing up in Aus, not sure about USA though.

Best of luck :)

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