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Can DOs practice in Canada?

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To echo JohnGrisham's point, DOs can practise in Canada as long as they have the requisite residency training and licensure.

However, USDO graduates, alongside with other IMGs, compete in the IMG-designated stream in the 1st round of CaRMS. Whereas USMD graduates and CMGs compete in the CMG-designated stream in the 1st round of CaRMS. The competitiveness in the IMG-designated stream is arguably stiffer, so if you're debating a USDO school and would like to eventually do residency in Canada, caveat emptor. Optically, USDOs may still have a bit advantage in comparison to other IMGs.

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11 hours ago, medpak said:

Well, isn't DO a doctor of osteopathic medicine?

Yes, but in Quebec we have osteopathes (very debatable education) that go by d.o. Just saying so that you don't mix up both...

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