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2017/2018 waitlist thread

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On 5/29/2018 at 3:08 PM, anon5678 said:

It's been awfully quiet here as of late. Do you think they are waiting for a batch of vacancies to accumulate or do you think they're currently maxed out on pending offers to waitlisters?

I declined my offer last Friday and I am sure many other applicants might have declined their offer on May 25th as well so I'm almost certain there will be another batch of offers coming up soon. Don't lose hope!!

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Hi Everyone,

I usually browse this forum but never post but I wanted to let you know that I got accepted off the waitlist this morning and I just accepted my offer. I know its hard to not know whats going on so I just wanted to let you all know the second wave of offers seems to have gone out.

Good luck to the rest of you who are waiting!


Edit: the due date for my application is June 11th

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Accepted off the waitlist yesterday at ~11am. I have accepted by offer, but my deadline to accept or decline was Friday, June 22nd. At this point they are only giving two days for people to accept/decline the offer. I realize that this may be disappointing news to you guys and I wasn't going to post, but I figured some news was probably better than no news.

Best of luck to everyone here! Don't lose hope

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