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Ottawa eligibility question regarding full-time

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I have a question regarding eligibility for Ottawa. Here are my course load/ year so far: 

Year 1: 8 courses = 4.0 credits/FCE

year 2: 9 courses = 4.5 credits/ FCE

year 3: 10 courses = 5.0 credits/FCE 

currently taking a summer course. Will that qualify for 3 years of full time studies or 2? I am planning my courses for my 4th year and am deciding wether or not to overload to make all 4 years count in the event I am not granted an interview invite this cycle. If they do I will not need to over load. Thanks in advance for the help! 

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You need to make up the missing 3 courses in either the summer or another academic year. Provided you do take at least 3 courses then you will be eligible to apply, however the grades do not count if you are part time in that 4th year or if you take the classes in the summer. Of course if there are any doubts it is always best to confirm directly with the admissions office.

Mr Duck

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