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Internal Sub-specialties Salary

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Any idea of how the salary of an: endocrinologist, geriatrician, rheumatologist or allergist would compare to general FM?

I've heard lifestyle IM specialties are less lucrative, but I was wondering if anyone has numbers (whether anecdotal or from sources). I've heard they all make around 300k (before overhead + taxes, but not sure how true that is). 

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8 hours ago, brady23 said:

What do you mean lifestyle better than FM? Difference in hours?

Usually more slack or slightly less hours, usually fewer patients per day, usually much less acuity/stress, usually group practices so vacation is a bit easier, usually minimal call, and more likely to be salaried positions through a university so less need to worry about billing. However, like every specialty, there’s a ton of variability in everything I just listed. Some earn more than FM, some earn less, some work more hours, some work less and same goes for FM. Truly the best way to see what they’re all like is to just get some clinical experience in these specialties and chat with residents/staff as the CMA data only goes so far (though I’d doubt you actually have clinical interest in all of them, as they’re pretty different). To that end, based on your recent posts about various specialties, I think your best bet is to do some soul searching as to what it is you really want in a specialty. There’s no shortage of specialties with good lifestyles, and really most specialties can be tailored to some extent to get you close to the lifestyle and salary you want (either scaled up or down), so I think rather than wondering about the average lifestyle/salary ratio for everything you should focus on what you actually want to be doing clinically with your time, then narrow in from that. 

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