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I would really appreciate any advice that anybody could give me

I am a student in grade 12 trying to decide where to go for undergrad in order to maximize my chances of getting into medical school and enjoy my experience during the next 4 years. I have offers from UTSG, York, Ryerson, and Waterloo for various programs. I regret not applying to McMaster, and wish I had as I just recently found out that they have the highest matriculation rate into Canadian medical schools. Considering the research I have done on peoples' experiences and perceptions of all these universities, I'm getting more and more weary and anxious of taking my chances and going to UofT in the fall because of the difficulty of maintaining a high GPA. I had initially wanted to go to UofT because it appeals to me the most course and program wise; I'm interested in pursuing a double major in Psych and Developmental Bio there. It also has benefits considering that its an internationally acclaimed research institution, it has affiliations with major hospitals, and would generally benefit me for ECs in my application. But would it be better for me to go to Ryerson, Waterloo, or York to avoid the impossible standards of attaining a high GPA? I also considered switching out to McMaster in second year, but the McMaster program seems to be similar in rigour to UTSG.

On the other hand, my parents are urging me to attend an accredited and intensive medical school that accepts students straight out of high school in my home country. It would be beneficial in terms of being with my family, having guaranteed acceptance into medical school if I get in, and the early start on an intensive medical curriculum which would shorten my education. I am apprehensive of doing this for the following reasons:

1. I do not want to give up my experience in terms of extracurriculars, social science courses, and the treasured exploration of identity that Undergrad is known for (only slightly sarcastic)

2. I prefer Canadian society and life much more, as the university is in a conservative country and classes are segregated for the most part

3. I do not want to jeopardize my chances of getting matched into residency as IMG match rates are increasingly low in Canada and the US

4. The university awards an MBBS degree, so I'm not sure if that would dampen my chances of matching in Canada or the US

So, I'm completely torn about which decision would be better for me academically and mentally, clueless of what university I'm going to be attending a few months from now. I apologize in advance for any sense of entitlement, errors, or ignorance that might come across from my cry for help :p.


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Welcome to the Forum!

It seems that important information is missing. We do not know what country you are from, and it seems you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a Permanent Resident. In such a case, you would only be accepted as an international student, where very few are accepted and it is expensive. The name of the game is to be accepted first as a Permanent Resident to Canada, to make you eligible for acanadian tuition rates, and more importantly, you would then be applying as a Canacian so to speak, giving you a wider chance of acceptance into a Canadian medical school, however, I am totally unfamiliar with this process. 

Generally speaking, yoU enhance your chances of doing well in undergrad, by taking a program that I Teresa’s you and one you are passionate about. Moreover, the transition from h.s. Is brutal, your h.s. Grades give you no indication whatsoever of how you will do at university. And, personally, I would not attend U/T where it is more difficult to attain a high GPA. To be a competitive applicant, you need a competitive GPA and any Canadian .university is fine, as long as you treat your academics professionally, are focused, disciplined, have good stress and time management skills, and you know how to study best for you and st the first sign of difficulty, you use counseling resources st your university. Also, it is important not to ha e a needy or unstable s.o., who can then take you down and ruin your chances from the getgo.

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Thank you! I'm very excited to be a part of this helpful community :)

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I am not an international student and I'm a Canadian citizen, but most of my family is in my home country. Also, just to clarify, you're saying that YorkU enhances my chances of doing well? If so and if you have gone there, would you say what I have heard about the constant strikes and lower quality of education is true? I know that the medical school admissions process claims that it does not make a distinction between Canadian Universities, and that it doesn't matter where you did your undergrad, but I would also like for the quality of my education to be the best it can.

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If you want the highest chances of getting into a Canadian medical school, you should take an environmental degree at the Yukon College. It’s probably not too late to apply. 

They don’t have their own medical school so 5 provinces open up to you making you “in-province” allowing you to be much more competitive at 6 medical schools.

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