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Need Critical Advice: What Are My Chances? PLEASE!

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3 hours ago, VladTheLad said:

I personally do not mind losing 1 application cycle and am confident I can finish the MSc in time. Plus I genuinely enjoy research, and I have a few supervisors who will likely fund me. At the same time, my ultimate goal is not just in medicine: it is to be a clinician-scientist of some type. I think the advice on this forum has been very helpful to especially re-evaluate my interviewing skills, and how I need to further polish them. I think I will also re-write the MCAT as I am confident that I can do better, in CARS especially (weird circumstances, there was a marching band outside our examination center particularly during the CARS section... lol). I'm just glad that I didn't get the interview by fluke, and others think I'm competitive *phew.*

A question: I know that an MSc will not significantly improve my chances, but would it DECREASE my chances in any way? Would they look down on me missing a cycle?

If you don't mind missing a cycle and an MSc is in line with your career goals then go far :) I can't think of any reason why it would decrease your chances, I did an MSc and so do MANY others before getting in to med! They won't care that you've missed a cycle. 

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I think alot of people here mentioned good points. You already seem to have plenty of research, so working might add a different aspect to your application. A good question to ask though is what work will you be doing in this year? Chances are you wont easily land a good job outside of research, since thats where you have most experience. Which again means you will likely be doing more research, except you wont be getting the MSC credentials for it. 

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On 5/16/2018 at 9:38 AM, VladTheLad said:


Why do people do this and delete their post? It annoys me to no end because it stops others from learning on this forum. I get it, you were selfish and asked for advice and you got it... now you delete your post so others can't see it? 

Thank you for those quoting in the reply!

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