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Chances for Queen's University Medical School?

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I am a student from uOttawa and I would just like to know my chances for Queen's University medical school. 

wGPA: 3.865

MCAT: TBD this summer.

Year: Graduated in 2018 from a B.Sc. in biomedical science.

EC's: Long term volunteering at a hospital since 2015 (+500 hours), research lab volunteer, part time job, chemistry teacher assistant volunteer during the summer for the past 3 years for high school students, awards/dean's list and scholarships.

Please be honest with me, thank you all :)

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There doesn't seem to be anything in your stats that indicate you would have a low chance (given your MCAT is sufficiently high), but the thing with Queen's is no one is sure what they look for (check their interview invite thread and you'll see the frustration). Due to the uncertainty, people consider Queen's a EC-heavy school just to be safe. So if anything, your ECs may be on the low side, but who knows, you may spin them in a way that strikes the right chord with their adcom 

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