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Chances for queens?

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Hello, would really appreciate a 'chance me' to orient myself! Ontario resident


Year 1:

Semester 1

- 4 courses GPA = 1.7

Semester 2

- 3 courses GPA = 2.0

Year 2:

Semester 1

- 5 courses GPA = 3.9+

Semester 2

- 5 courses GPA = 3.85

Year 3:

Semester 1

- 5 courses GPA = 4.0

Semester 2

- 5 courses GPA = 3.9


cGPA to date = 3.37

2yr GPA = 3.92


MCAT = 508 127/127/127/127



- 3 + years hospital unit volunteer

- 1 year (ongoing) volunteer with aboriginal healthy babies and children program volunteer

- International medical mission trip x 2

- Jr A hockey player/ OHL draft pick

- Multiple marathon runner

- Founded aboriginal birthing program which received health Canada funding this year

- FSWEP 3 terms summer scholarship work with the Canadian government

- 1 year paid research assistant (1 lit review pub)


Please be dead honest! I know my MCAT is weak... and my GPA baggage




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Do not worry about your GPA from earlier years, they don't care about it. They 'll only look at the last two years. I think it would be a good idea to re-write the MCAT :). There are wonderful MCAT resources on reddit :)!! Khan academy also is great, and on reddit you can find the khan academy notes :)!!

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