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Biochemistry Honours vs. IHI

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 I am a third-year student and contemplating which program to pursue before applying to medical school. My question is, for those who are familiar with both programs at McGill,  which one would look better in my med app? That's normally a detail I would normally not care about, however, to me it comes down to this difference. I love both biochemistry and IHI, and literally, have no preference in the courses offered because I'm interested in the biochemistry "stream"  of IHI and therefore will be taking the same courses regardless of which program I end up doing.

Biochemistry is definitely known to be among the hardest life sciences, and thus a good GPA in the program might make my application look good. On the other hand, IHI is known to be a small exclusive program, which would give me an advantage when applying. 


Please let me know what you think! 

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Choose the major you would complete if medical school didn't exist.
The one where you would be interested in getting engaged, pursuing research and staying motivated.
While McGill gives a little advantage to professional programs, little is known about its impact.
In your case, it is a though call but please don't do it because it would : look good on my application.
Good luck ! :)

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Your choice of biochem vs IHI will make no significant difference in your application. If you’re motivated in both, you’ll do well with either choice. 

Keep in mind though, GPA is still king. Do inquire around regarding the required courses for either program to get an idea over ‘GPA’-killers. 

Statistically, I know of more peers that are McGill immuno alumni vs biochem alumni. Biochem is definitely a tough major, and you may feel less supported on the Med track (there tends to be more biochemies on the research/academia track), but it’s still very do-able.


Scep, McGill biochem alumnus

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