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Mac NRC vs Ottawa vs Western?!?

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Hey guys! 

I'm currently trying to decide between going to Mac NRC, Ottawa or Western (not sure which campus). If anyone could share some insight about the benefits of the different class sizes, the opportunities for research at each school and the overall quality of life at each university, that would be super helpful. 

Thanks so much! 

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1- whats your preferred learning style? Mac is all self directed learning and PBL, Western I believe uses mostly lectures with some combo of other styles. Ottawa is a hybrid, lectures+self-directed learning. Classes at ottawa usually run from 8-12, and after that its self-directed learning so you pick what activities to do.

2- where do you want to do residency? usually students go to where they want to do residency later on as you can make connections with doctors and program directors at the school your at.

3- what city do you prefer? 3-4 years is not a short time, and living in a city you like might make a difference in helping you enjoy those years.

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