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Sign Language For Babies



I recently read in one of the foreign sites:

Adults often difficult to reach an agreement, let alone when we apply this concept to the world of a child, a small child. Inability to communicate makes that we can not find a common language and a common contact (verbal or non-verbal) is broken.

When the family of the young man appears, parents instinctively surrounded by care and love. With the eagerly expect when their child will be big enough to alone could communicate, or verbalize their needs. Crying baby often causes the parents feeling of helplessness and frustration when they can not read his cause.

In the 90s, scientists have developed a system called bobomigami characters that rely on sign language and are used for communication with the baby. The method developed by Joseph Garcia is effective in communicating with infants both deaf and hearing. It can be used from the eighth-ninth month of life, when it can no longer consciously use known characters. They allow you to express needs and feelings of the child. Sample messages are: eat, drink, sleep, mother, hurt, bear, dad. In the beginning, choose a few words and repeat them several times. It is important that learning takes place through play.

The use of sign language for babies brings a lot of advantages:

  • helps the child to communicate with the environment, and parents - take care of a baby

contributes to the development of speech

  • stimulates the development of coordination of visual - spatial
  • develops imagination and manual skills
  • facilitates storing, preparing for later literacy
  • improves concentration comments
  • affect the intellectual development
  • strengthens the emotional bond between parents and their comfort

Joseph Garcia method known as "SIGN2BABY" into Polish adapted Danuta Mikulska, the inspiration became Polish Sign Language signs. Currently in the country, more and more clubs, where you can learn the secrets of "bobomigania".

origin: http://portalmedycznofarmaceutyczny.pl/jezyk-migowy-dla-niemowlat/


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