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  2. Thank you so much for your response! First time applying to UBC so idk what to expect *fingers crossed I hear back with some good news on December 14th*
  3. Does anybody know how scores work between the exams? Are they all standardized together or are they standardized against the average score of the exam version? I heard there were like 2-3 exam versions
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  5. Hi all, I go to a university within BC (not UBC) and was wondering how the adjusted GPA is calculated for applicants. My academic advisor here told me that I wouldn't be eligible for AGPA since the credits have to be transferred to UBC credits, and credits past second year do not transfer from my school. I will be graduating with 120+ credits recognized by my university, so does this mean that UBC will recognize these 120+ credits the same as every other applicant?
  6. OPPORTUNISTIC Offering pudding put Owen really terrified! Understandably, no-one's into smelly truffles - it's chocolate!
  7. Sounds pretty GOAT-ed to me, but I do know the OOP pool is pretty nuts for UBC. Barring a low NAQ score, you should easily get an interview, and from there it's pretty much a 50/50 (kind of, not quite, but roughly)
  8. From purely a med school acceptance optimization standpoint, you are correct that going to Saskatchewan for your CS degree would the best option if you don't mind living there since most Ontario schools do not provide an advantage to in province applicants. However, the reason you are doing CS is to have a backup, so consider if your job prospects graduating from there will be worth it in the CS industry? If not, then consider doing a more standard life sciences degree.
  9. Bonjour, Pensez-vous que puisque les classes sont majoritairement en ligne et que en plus la session 2 ne compte pas, qu'il y aura un impact sur la cote R la plus basse admise dans les programmes contingentés? Va-t-elle monter ? Va-t-elle descendre ?
  10. Hi there! I was hoping to get some feedback on my chances as an OOP applicant (Ontario BSc, Montreal MSc). Currently, my GPA for my MSc is 4.0. My cGPA for my undergraduate degree is 3.94, which I'm unsure how to translate to UBC's scoring, but my GPA for 2 of my 3 year undergraduate was 4.0/4.0 (UofT gpa scale). I took a full course load (i.e. at least 5 full year courses between September and April of any given academic year) throughout undergrad. My MCAT is: 510 (2nd attempt: 127/127/126/130) and 506 (1st attempt: 128/126/126/126) Any feedback would be really appreciated!
  11. Also applied, Other than the undergrad general application + ~80 CAD fee and the ~150 CAD fee...is there anything else we need to send/submit? Thanks!
  12. Hey Curiouspaint! In all honesty I don't know how qualified I am to judge your ECs haha but hopefully I have a few pieces of knowledge to share LOL. My advice is always that passion and growth will win out in the ECs department - meaning if you can speak/write passionately about an experience and how it has helped you become who you are, and you can show growth within that EC (i.e. going from general member to president) it is more impactful than a 'flashy' EC that you did for three weeks and didn't care about. It sounds to me like you have a lot going on that you ARE passionate about so
  13. Do things you’re interested in, and that allow you to continue on with your life and be happy. Don’t put your life on hold to do what you think you should, or what other people think is a better EC vs another. It’s all subjective and a bit arbitrary anyways - so do things that you find meaningful, that you actually want to do, and that allow you do develop maturity, leadership, etc. Getting a job is a great idea. You’ll learn a lot about yourself working that you might otherwise miss in school. If you could actually see yourself seriously wanting to work in academia or if your researc
  14. Go where you can get the best grades, have access to ECs that are important to you, and enjoy your life while you're at it. If that means U of T then go for it, if that means a small university-college than go there. In your case go where you can get a good CS degree and have access to supports, ie close or away from family as you desire. When it comes to med school applications, your GPA, your ECs, and your LORs are vastly more important than the name of the school you went to. If you can get closer to your profs at a smaller school vs say a UBC or U of T it may be easier to get LORs or it ma
  15. Salut tous le monde! Est ce que vous pensez qu’avec une cru de 34,5 et un casper moyen/assez bon j’ai des chances cette année?
  16. Wow merci beaucoup! Si quelqu'un l'a fait, j'aimerais bien connaître votre histoire et savoir comment ça s'est passé!
  17. Je ne sais pas à quelle université tu es, mais ou c'est possible, voici le formulaire pour Ulaval https://www.fmed.ulaval.ca/fileadmin/documents/programmes-etudes/etudes-medecine/doctorat-1er-cycle-medecine/documents/pol-43-interruption-temporaire-etudes.pdf
  18. Mais pourquoi psychoéducation ou travail social seraient mieux?
  19. I will be taking Casper in Jan. I really appreciate if you can provide any tips and how should I prepare for it?
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