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  2. Great questions! Smart of you to parallel plan and keep other options open. I sort of did this, I went back and took a couple classes after I graduated. Yes UBC will look at your OGPA and your AGPA. These courses will be included in your OGPA for sure. They would be included in your AGPA if it is not your worst year. My understanding is that they will drop worst year, whenever that is. When they do a full file review (after interview) they do look at trends and overall performance. Having low grades recently may hurt your chances a bit. My advice is do your best to get the be
  3. Petite question (il me semble bien que la réponse soit non..).. devons-nous faire le Snapshot pour les programmes francophone ? Il me semble qu'aucune université l'exige, mais je ne suis plus certain. Merci d'avance !!
  4. Yes, directly from undergrad and I am a surgeon today.
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  6. Sorry if this has been answered before already, I tried to look but didn't find an answer. If I am taking 6-9 credits of courses (over the whole year from September to April) as an unclassified 5th year student, as pre-reqs for other programs (as back up for med lol), will these count towards my AGPA when applying to med next fall? Does scoring poorly in these classes hurt my chances? Or do only my 4 years of undergrad contribute to my AGPA? EDIT: And if they do look at all years, does this year qualify to be "dropped" if it is worse than my worst year? For example, if my GPA
  7. Hi I am applying for the 2023 intake. Anybody the same?
  8. Thank you so much for your information. Do you know other med schools nationwide which do not have out of province bias? I don't think I will apply for the super competitive schools.
  9. oh no. I have similar situation. Does UAlberta have the same policy? I haven't find a application manual from Alberta website.
  10. what is a competitive GPA ? is it hard to get in? Does the admission consider graduate degree?
  11. Just out of curiosity, did you get into med school in the end?
  12. Salut ! Est-ce que vous savez si ULAVAL demande le test Snapshot ou si le test casper suffit (pour médecine) Merci ! :)
  13. Choose a major that genuinely interests you. Of course, each medical school admissions have specific prerequisites requirements, so make sure you take those accordingly. However, you'll get the best GPA when you're studying something you're passionate/motivated about. Trust me, I learned the hard way! I wouldn't say there's "easier" majors because it depends on your motivation for learning, and that motivation stems from genuinely caring about the topics, whether that's biology, history, chemistry, music, literature, psychology, engineering, etc. Good luck!
  14. I remember UNBC/ NMP was similarly first announced at first as “BC’s second medical school” before it later was confirmed as an extension of UBC distributed program. The distributed sites are actually quite distinct from one another. While we share a curriculum and the MD will say UBC, we have eg. a UNBC student number and pay UNBC student fees. Each site has their own full complement of non-clinical staff (histo, anatomy profs, regional dean and assistant deans) who are UNBC employees. The cohorts do everything on their own after 1st semester. So it really isn’t that much of a stretch to
  15. I'm a current FM resident. Through my CaRMS tour, I interviewed at all of the FM programs in Canada. I have mostly enjoyed my program so far, but I can tell you the following pros and cons to doing my residency in Calgary ( from my experience and from witnessing the experiences of other residents). Pros: - Calgary is beautiful city - close to the mountains. - Program is very manageable overall. - Other residents are very collegial and friendly. - Block system overall has been a major positive change in the program. - We get Thursday academics every week and it is
  16. The only issue for you is what Program will maximize your opportunity to attain the highest GPA. Biology per se is not, in my opinion, a great prep, however, pre-meds study almost anything. I took the Specialization Program at Exercise Science in Concordia which I thought prepared me well for med, especially with the internships involving the elderly chronically ill and I attained straight A's. Taking a Program that interests you usually motivates one to work hard and attain high grades.
  17. The best major is the one you can get the best GPA in, in this post-pre-req era. Anatomy, cell biology, microbio, etc. would be more relevant than biology, but in the long rung not really any better for medical school, if you could do better in biology. Can't speak to specific McGill programs.
  18. Me - it’s definitely possible. I agree with shadesofcyan that the accepted/waitlisted thread is a good place to look
  19. Any updates on this, particularly from recently matched residents? Have things changed with new leadership?
  20. Oui seulement le quartile de ton résultat, mais pas la note exacte
  21. No UBC doesn't. But unless the province is ear marking the money they're giving to the FHA for SFU specifically, who knows how it actually gets spent. The FHA has also committed to provide dedicated spaces for a UBC medical school school clerkship cohort starting with the year 3s in 2024, and I suspect UBC did not agree to that without a long term commitment for spaces.
  22. Unfortunately UBC doesn't really have a say in what the province decides to fund. And if the province decides to give more money to the Fraser Health Authority I doubt they'd decline it
  23. J'ai peut-être mal compris... Va-t-on avoir accès à nos résultats du Casper cette année?
  24. Mon frère qui commence le CÉGEP serait intéressé!
  25. General internists and general surgeons aren't primary care. Theres also no shortage of general surgeons, although there is a shortage of jobs. Odd proposal overall. I have a feeling UBC will nix this from happening, considering they are affiliated with all of the Fraser hospitals.
  26. Hello, I'm currently a first year student in Biology at the University of Montreal (pretty much the same thing as McGill). I'm currently studying about plants, fungis and other unicellular organisms and I'm not really liking it (The courses in the next term are more human physiology-oriented courses)... So I've been tempted to switch to a more like "Anatomy and Cell Biology" or "Microbiology and Immunology". However I'd like to know if the Biology major itself is a good preparation for med school? Another question I have: I've noticed that there are both Biology and Life Scien
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