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  2. You would have done more than 90 credits after finishing your DMD (216 credits I believe?), so they will consider you as financially independent. In fact, you will become “financially independent” according to Quebec’s rules after 3rd year!
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  4. Not likely to be a factor since you are no longer dependent on parents. It depends on your personal income/assets I believe.
  5. It says it "will be reviewed once you submit the required items in your Application Checklist" - this being the only incomplete checklist item (other than CASPer).
  6. OPPORTUNITIES Of police perspective, of real time understanding, never ignite tension in encouraging situations.
  7. Look at the statistics on the website for OOS. Even someone with cGPA as low as 3.5 I believe has been admitted. Imo why even bother think about competitiveness? All you are going to lose is 130 dollars and some hours on the application, but that way you still have some chance, rather than not applying and have 0 chance. Maybe you think you are not competitive, but you might actually be a very good applicant in their eyes. We never know!
  8. Mine too now, I just received their calculation under forms as you do, and mine still says "your application will be reviewed...". Did you have everything submitted in your application checklist? I still have one thing not checked off besides Casper- but this is something I can't help as Registrar is supposed to look at my transcript and check it off for me.
  9. Does your application says "Your application is being reviewed. An updated status will be posted..." or does it say it has been reviewed already?
  10. EVERYWHERE Edith's victory encouraged rebellious youth whom have educated, resourceful experiences.
  11. As a student of the Prep101 MCAT course from 2019-2020, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of expertise and advice Prep101's instructors were able to provide, not only with respect to mastery of testable concepts, but also navigating the exam itself. I had first heard of Prep101 through a paper flyer handed to me on my way into one of my undergraduate lectures. Curious about a career in medicine, I decided to attend the free seminars advertised on the flyer and came to learn more about Prep101's philosophy and MCAT course. What caught my attention most strongly was Prep101's flexible cl
  12. Let’s eat together tonight - Uber-eats carries everywhere!
  13. STANDOFFISHNESS Some teens are not diligent or find freaky information sometimes, having never established sensible systems.
  14. Hien omg !!!! MERCI de vérifier sur le site a presque tous les jrs ? Ahaha mais si le questionnaire serait dispo en janvier , la date limite serait repoussé Jspr ? Étant donné qu’il faut le remettre avant le 5 janvier ...
  15. DEFINITELY Don't expect favours! It's not indefinitely tolerated - eventually, lovers, yodel!
  16. YOUTHFULNESS Your outgoing unique truthfulness has full understanding Larry, now, especially Sandra's, Susuan's.
  17. DISMISSED Don't insinuate supposed misinformation, I'm somewhat surprised Edward, definitely!
  18. SATISFIED Some attempted to investigate suspicious fraud - it's easily dismissed.
  19. I've seen it in the Durham region- Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa, Bowmanville, etc. I'm sure it's the same in other places I think most just did standard CCFP, I don't know about anything specific to EM. I know one did a POCUS course after residency but that's not necessary by any means.
  20. DILIGENTLY Digging into legalese, interestingly gained exciting new terminology, learning youthfulness.
  21. One other perspective here I have heard from some people about - superstar researchers don't always make good residents. Precisely because they care about research so much. Any time you spend doing research you are not say studying or looking after patients - point is there is a price to doing anything that takes away from something else. Residency is a job - and many programs are looking for people that are good at the job. Research is often a tangent to the job. Any resident/staff knows of people that are extremely academic/research focused that may be losing out on practical things. I
  22. Le questionnaire sera disponible au début du mois de janvier, après le congé des fêtes. L''information sera communiquée aux candidats à leur adresse courriel personnelle. C'est toujours difficile avec les admissions en pharmacie à l'ulaval :/
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