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  2. Je trouve déplorable que les universitaires diplômés soient pénalisés à cause des listes d'attente séparées. La proportion dans chaque catégorie est-elle fixée à l'avance? la moitié va au collégiens, 6 autres provinces 1 premières nations, ce qui reste 89 dossier pour les universitaires. De ces 89, ce n'est pas spécifié combien de chaque catégorie (universitaire diplômés vs en changement de programme) si le nombre est déterminé à l'avance. Si la quantité de chacune de ces deux catégories est en fonction de la qualité des dossiers, alors il ne fait pas de sens de produire deux listes d'atten
  3. Reading through old posts, it looks like they interview anywhere between 30 and 70 (!) people for the 10 NB spots. I’ve also seen estimates for waitlist size that range from 15-20 to 30-50 people. Anyone with any ideas which ranges are more accurate or if that has changed from previous years? It appears that only a handful of people have been offered a spot off the NB waitlist so far this year, so now that all other Canadian schools have sent out their decision letters I am trying to gauge my likelihood for an offer off the NB waitlist. My thought is to treat it like a rejection if
  4. Not too sure about western but a few pros of queens is that in my opinion it is a bit harder to get into since they take an accumulation of your grades- so congratulations on that! I also think the living / area of Kingston is amazing and has a lot to offer. A friend of mine just accepted to queens she did say they were similar but it was little things that made her ultimately decide on queens! I think she mentioned the program being a bit better there as well. Goodluck on your choice!!
  5. Salut! Mon crochet est redevenu à l'étude, mais je n'ai pas de dépôt, est-ce normal?
  6. La LA est plus longue, espèrons c'est une indication qu'elle va bougé plus cette année!
  7. Hi everyone! I’m having a hard time choosing between Queens and Western OT. Looking at the pros and cons of each I feel they’re both pretty similar. Is anyone else in the same boat? What will you be choosing and why? Any help would be very much appreciated!!
  8. Thanks for confirming @Fast_Layne ! I suppose the numbers from AFMC cannot be trusted 100%.
  9. Posting late, and only to help make sure other low GPA applicants don't give up! Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 8:36 AM (D-Day) cGPA: 3.69 CARS: 130 CASPer: It felt fine. I honestly think if you're a well rounded person who can articulate their thoughts, its not that bad! MMI interview thoughts: Both. Wow, what a frustrating journey. First the lottery fiasco, then my synchronous interview which despite losing 2 min/station, I thought was relatively smooth and ok. The asynchronous didn't feel as good, but I guess that's how it is when there isn't
  10. I have an interview today with a British school for MSc OT, but I really don't know much about it, other than the tuition will be more than twice as much when you factor in international fees and the exchange rate. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice as well.
  11. est-ce que pour les stages en pharmacie, ont peut trouver des stages facilement à quebec ou est-ce qu'il faut qu'on aille dans d'autres villes. Est-ce que la faculté nous aide aussi à trouver des stages ou on doit chercher de nous meme ou alller?
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  13. I'm going to contribute the other perspective here! I went from living with three other people in undergrad (which I loved!) to living alone in med school (which I also love!). I decided to live alone because it's really important for me to have a quiet space to study/unwind in - this is easy when you're roomies are all on different schedules than you, but not so much in med school when you're all on pretty much the same schedule and therefore spending a lot more time together. I think either option can be great but consider whether the potential pros of having a roommate (decreased rent
  14. Did anyone get in with a C+ in one of the English pre req courses. Should I upgrade. I have an A- in the second one
  15. I would be very curious as well. I was added to the waitlist for OT on May 6th. I know they were behind last year but I'm hoping that was an early add. I asked them if they could tell me spot on the waitlist and they said they were not able to. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a sense of my odds.
  16. OK do you guys just want a FB messenger chat? PM me with your Facebook names (and maybe what your profile pic is in case a few names come up) and I can make one. it will be for Mac students
  17. Did anyone get in/waitlisted with having a C+ in one of the prereq English courses. Not sure if I should leave it or upgrade!
  18. Time Stamp: 9:30am WL Ranking (H, N, L): N Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): Y
  19. I am also accepting Mac's OT offer - haven't seen a Facebook group yet but would you want to start a group chat?
  20. Allô!! Je suis dans la même situation que toi... Je suis 120e sur la LA universitaire :’)
  21. Oui, et je me suis fait dire que certaines années ils se rendent même jusqu'à 15 environ!
  22. Solid!! What were your casper and mmi quintiles? If you dont mind sharing. 2nd for Caspar. 1st for MMI.
  23. Anyone receive any updates, or know when they'll send the second wave of letters out?
  24. Oui et un peu dans le même ordre d’idée, savez vous si les cours seront en pressentiel ou à distance ?
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