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  1. There are a few intensivists in Canada who have gone through the neurology route (Royal College Pathway 2), but your residency needs to be geared specifically towards this goal.
  2. Why is it a bad idea to pursue GP (I have heard about this from at least one other person)
  3. All you need to know is that it's about as competitive as ophthalmology, ENT and Anesthesia last year. This year might be even more competitive than last year. There are quite a few applicants with Science papers.
  4. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons Ontario is also demanding the names of these 13 students from the school: http://news.nationalpost.com/2015/01/05/fears-of-self-harm-among-dental-students-suspended-at-dalhousie-over-gender-violent-facebook-postings/#__federated=1
  5. I just remembered that the Dean of your faculty of Health Sciences had to come to Western to deliver a lecture while wearing Western jerseys...
  6. You don't need to bring water. Your interviewers will have it ready for you.
  7. At the very minimum, they need to review every applicants' academic credentials, and that can be complicated for some students.
  8. I haven't ridden Via trains recently, but back in the day they had a lot of problems with mechanical breakdowns, so I would say Greyhound is a safer bet
  9. Sorry, I thought you were talking about how the med schools only look at your best MCAT scores, and how that raised the average. In any case, Western is not the only school that looks at only a portion of your MCAT scores, and most US schools had a low emphasis on the WS section due to its low predictive value
  10. It was a difficult course, because it had an open book final exam back then (So you need to apply what you learned in the course, instead of merely regurgitating the material). However, it prepares you very well for all of the fourth year ACB courses. I am sure you can email the new prof and speak to her about the course structure Also, I just want to note that ACB 3309 (Histology) will complement your pathology courses nicely.
  11. But the same strategies to improve their best scores are available to basically every potential applicant.
  12. To be honest, the best advice is given in this year's admissions video, and the trailer is already out for it:
  13. The reason BS increased to 12 is because it allowed the admissions office to cut down the number of interview candidates to around 450
  14. Biology 3316, when taught by Dr. Podesta, ended up being one of the most useful courses I took at Western. Although the course structure has changed significantly since someone else took it over, I think the new instructor has maintained the basic spirit of the course.
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