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  1. I feel for you guys. Just checking on the one date they gave last year was nerve wrecking, I can't imagine a week of waiting. But you made it through one day, and hopefully will find out tomorrow! Good luck to all!
  2. Thanks for the update recycle. I really actually didn't think it was possible, with all the measures they take to offer you a position at a specific site and all--its just some of the older posts on this forum seem to elude to the fact that it was possible. But now I know. And finks, I was accepted on June 13/14 - I was overseas, so not sure exactly regarding the time difference.
  3. Hi guys, I was just accepted off the waitlist for the IMP and although the letter said that I would still be kept on the wailist for the VFMP until the beginning of classes, i was wondering if anyone knows of the chances of this happening? Don't get me wrong-I'm extremely happy to even have been accepted and I'm sure will love the island experience, but I'm just wondering now about this as it'll make things easier for personal reasons.. Also, I saw in older posts that some people also swap positions, i.e. if a person from IMP and a person from VFMP swap--is that still a possibility
  4. Alright, so does anyone know how this wait-list business works? This is my first time applying, and I only applied to UBC and I'm really hoping to get in-but just wondering, what are the realistic chances of people getting in? (i.e. is there any way of knowing how many people are on the list/how many people usually decline offers, thus causing WL students to receive an acceptance) Also, I know that the time given to applicants to accept offers is shorter this year than previous years-I guess that means the first and biggest? wave of waitlist acceptances will go out somewhere around May
  5. My community referee was also contacted. And as well as the question posted above she was asked to elaborate on the reason she thinks she was selected to be a community referee? (not sure if/how that's relevant...just thought to throw it out there)
  6. yeah, all the library books i looked at were missing...or only had the old 1996 edition thanks, I ended up buying from book depositry...
  7. Hi guys, For those invited for the interview, I was just wondering where you were getting access to Doing Right. The book takes up to 5 weeks from Chapters and is not in stock on Amazon...I'm afraid that I won't have it in time to prepare for the interview properly... Anyone know of other sources??
  8. I'm up for it. I think it would be best once exams are over for people?
  9. haha. sorry. the first total was supposed to be higher (but the second more balanced, just one total point lower).
  10. hey guys..just wanted to know your opinion: so you know how UBC says they take your highest mcat score... well what if when you rewrite, you improve in an area that was especially low on your first try, but your overall mark decreased? what would they take then? e.g. 1st try: 11bs, 6vr, 10ps 2nd try: 10bs, 8vr, 9ps thanks
  11. Yup. There is only a limit of 200chars per description for the ECs entered in the diversity section. All other categories are 350.
  12. Ok, so some of my activities in the NAQ are very closely linked and at times seem to brand from one another--e.g. long term association with one activity lead to me creating a club for that same activity. But I listed them separately--service ethic and leadership. I was wondering whether it was just one person that would review all the NAQ activities or if it's multiple people?
  13. If you're taking the courses in the upcoming semester, you can send them an unofficial transcript showing the courses. If its later in the future-i.e. Spring semester, just send them a message through the OAS stating your intention for completing them before the deadline. They should reply by saying "that's OK but they'll need an official transcript once available" That's what I did. (though my case was regarding 90 credits, not the pre-req's. I think its basically the same process though).
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