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  1. There is more off site stuff but it's usually in groups and there is almost always someone in the group with a car. You don't need your own car for second year.
  2. Scotia will give you P - 0.25. All the banks will provide you with the same products that are being talked about on the main LOC page. Scotia (Wpg) is in a bit of flux right now because our advisor recently left unexpectedly, but they will be matching the other big banks with that rate. You just have to make sure you talk to the people who specialize in these products, and not some random loan officer; you can usually find that information through their website. Basically don't settle for anything less than 250-275k, P - 0.25%, annual credit cards fees waived; regardless of
  3. U of M OOP has the highest MCAT requirement of any school applicant pool.
  4. Yea the 3 admins on that page are our class president and two of our reps, so they will only be accepting 'accepted' students.
  5. Manitoba Medicine 2016-2017 It contains most current med students
  6. 53 new members got added to the 2016-2017 manitoba med school year facebook group. (since noon today) So, at least that many received acceptances. Edit: a few may be upper years, so, might be closer to the mid 40's. Mind you it's only based on ppl added to that facebook group
  7. From what I hear, the temperature regulation is not great. Some rooms are constantly warm and you need to open the window in the winter. Also, i hear you are at the mercy of the cooking that is being done on your floor, so the ventilation isn't wonderful. But it's cheap, and it's super close to school.
  8. I doubt they interviewed fewer than 25 OOP because admin knows that the majority will decline. So in order to fill 5 spots, I'm sure they will have to interview at least 25. Don't get hung up on this 5% allotted spots. I doubt Manitoba has ever had 10% of their class as OOP. Even this year's class has only 5 out of 113 students.
  9. I don't have any insight into this year's pool, but if you are on OOP that interviewed, you have a very good chance of being offered admission (eventually), just by sheer number of OOP applicants who will end up declining.
  10. Yea. You will just lose the initial deposit to UCal (in this hypothetical situation). I don't think this works for two schools using OMSAS though since if you accept one, you automatically get pulled off the waitlist of other OMSAS schools (someone correct me if I am wrong).
  11. It's like waiting for your MCAT score but 3x longer!! (That's a bad way to think about this)
  12. Class of 2019 - Minimum MCAT for enrolled is 12.88, max is 13.25, avg is 13.1 (3 x 39, 2 x 40) . For my year they didn't interview anyone below a 12.5 (although they did interview people with exactly 12.5). I'm not sure about the stats for this most recent application cycle. http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/education/undergraduate/media/College_of_Medicine_Class_of_2019_Applicant_Statistics.pdf
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